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Rental Agreement


RATON, NM 87740

Proscenium Height: 21 ft. (Max); 18 ft. (Min) Proscenium Width: 30 ft.
Total Width Wall to Wall: 55 ft. Front Curtain to Back Wall: 23 ft. 6 in.
Apron Depth: 3 ft. Apron to Back Wall: 28 ft.
Wing Space / Stage Right: 10 ft. Wing Space / Stage Left: 10 ft. (with obstruction)
Crossovers Behind Cyclorama (20 ft. 6 in.) or under stage

Oak/Level/Black/No Traps. Gaffer’s Tape – OK: Screw into Deck – NO

Grid Height: 44 ft.; Number of Lines: 10; Line Sets Free: 3; Capacity: 200lbs.
Fly System: Hemp, No Counterweights; Length of Pipes: 30 to 35 ft., Diameter :1” to 1 5/8”
Pin Rail Location: Stage Right, 24 feet above deck (There are also a few pins deck level upstage right)

LEGS: 3 Sets (6 Total) Each one is 24 ft. high, 8 ft. Wide; Black; No Pleat
BORDERS: 2 Total; Each one is 5ft. high by 35 ft. wide; Black; ½ Pleat
DROPS: 2 Total; Italian Villa Scene and Park Scene
CYCLORAMA: 30 ft. high by 45 ft. wide; Light Blue Muslin
BLACK CURTAIN: 24 ft. high by 32 ft. wide
GRAND DRAPE: Split Horizontal Traveler; Red Velour; Manual Draw, Stage Right
OLIO CURTAIN: Guillotine Traveler; Antique Outdoors Scene; Manual Draw, Stage Right

NSI 7532 Dimmer Board is located in light booth in the balcony. 32 Channel, 2 scene pre-set
Ten (10) – Source IV Instruments (8 FOH and 2 First Electric)
Five (5) – ColorTran Ellipsoidal (FOH)
Fourteen (14) – 500 Watt 6” Fresnels (Onstage)
Two (2) – 3 Cell Cyc Light
All instruments have gel frames and a 15 amp, three prong twist connector
Auxiliary power is available stage right with 110 of 220 volts; 100 amps; 4 wire 3 phase

Mackie 24 Channel (SR 24-4) Mixing Console with 31 band Graphic Equalizer
Two (2) Monitor Mixes
Five (5) Shure M58 Vocal Mics; Six (6) Shure M57 Instrumental Mics
Eight (8) boom stands
One (1) Wireless, Hand-Held Mic
SPEAKERS; Mains – Two (2) EAW F1 103; Balcony fill – Two (2) RAMSA
High fill – Two (2) RAMSA; Monitors – Four (4) RAMSA

Dimmable and controlled from light booth or from lobby

There is an orchestra pit with an entrance from the dressing room. The Pit is covered.

The Shuler has no headset communication. There are 4 locations equipped with a phone set for communication. (Light Booth, Stage Right, Dressing Room, and Lobby locations)

There are 2 chorus dressing rooms with toilet and running water (12 person capacity) located under the stage. There is one costume room which may also serve as a dressing room, but has no mirrors or running water. There is a big dressing room (Green Room) with makeup mirrors . There are clothes racks, but no washer, drier, or steamer. Backstage entrance to the dressing room is located on the east side of the building.

The Loading Dock is located on the east side of the building, in the alley. It is 10 ft. above street level with metal ramps (2) leading from the street.
The Loading Door is located Upstage Left at stage level via the loading ramp.
Loading Door Width: 82” (clear); Height: 101” (clear)

Genie Lift; A-Frame ladder, 22 ft.; Aluminum ladder, 6 ft.; Wooden ladder, 10 ft.
3 Pianos: One upright in pit (Fair Condition)
One upright onstage (Fair Condition)
One Steinway 7 ½ ft. Grand onstage (Very Good Condition)


The Shuler is a non-union house owned by the City of Raton and managed by Shuler Restoration Inc.
The City of Raton charges a 15% concession fee for all merchandise sold.
No smoking/fire is allowed anywhere in the theater
No alcoholic beverages/controlled substances are allowed in the theater.
Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms and in the Lobby.

Tech Director: Bill Donati  575-447-2207

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