Young At Heart

July 7, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Young At Heart

Young at Heart Choir (YAH) Christian ministry promotes senior adults’ companionship, spiritual fellowship and accountability, voice instruction and performance fun, and the pleasure of engaging in delighting our audiences while enlivening the gospel message through song and skits.

We are grateful to be allowed to bring  the Young at Heart Choir to your community and blessed that God provides our strength and the resources to do so.  Young at Heart does not ask for monetary gifts to schedule a concert.  We come only expecting open arms and warm greetings.

From the heart – proceeds love, compassion, understanding, faith, hope, peace and joy – and God has filled us with these qualities to share with you.

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  1. I grew in Raton and graduated from high school in 1958. I remember dancing and singing on the stage of the Shuler Theater during my high school years. It will be such fun to return to the Shuler—it will be as if I have come full circle. I attend all of my class reunions and come to visit friends. I still love the Raton where I grew up; It will always have a special place in my heart.

    I joined Young at Heart Senior Gospel Choir in 2011. Our director, Connie Atkinson, started this choir twenty-nine years ago in Albuquerque. It has toured from coast to coast, singing in churches along the way. We sing in any church who invites us. We love to tour together. We memorize our music and it helps to keep us young-at-heart.

    This choir has the sweetest and most fun senior citizens who love to sing and especially to God. Yes, we do look OLD, but we sound YOUNG.

    I hope you will come to hear us sing for you. Please come to say “Hi,” and let me know you heard us. The concerts will have new songs in each, so come more than once. I am proud to show Raton and the Shuler to my friends in Young at Heart.

    I hope that you enjoy our music.

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